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Managed Component

Tools that provide a Managed Component can earn from multiple capabilities:

  • Same domain: Serve assets from the same domain as the website itself, for faster and more secure execution
  • Website-wide events system: Hook to a pre-existing events system that the website uses for tracking events - no need to define tool specific API
  • Server logic: Provide server-side logic on the same domain as the website, including proxying a different server, serving static assets or generating dynamic responses, reducing the load on the tool's servers
  • Server-side rendered widgets and embeds: Easily extend the capabilities of the website with widgets and embeds that are performant and secure
  • Reliable client events: Subscribe to client-side events in a cross-platform reliable way
  • Pre-Page-Rendering Actions: Run server-side actions that read or write a website page, before the browser started rendering it
  • Integrated Consent Manager support: Easier integration in a consent-aware environment